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Regarding exhibition entry

Event details including seminar programs shall be changed without prior notice. Please refer the latest information through our official website.
Organize shall proceed photo shooting such as venue scene, business meeting scene etc., and might place these photos on official website. We appreciate your cooperation.
For those who have registered, there is a case that the organizer will send you materials and/or new information will be announced. Please confirm it.

The following are strictly prohibited. Those who violate the following restriction will be eliminated form the venue by organizer.

1) Distribution of leaflet, flyers.
2) Photo shooting inside of the exhibition venue.
3) Any demonstration and slander act.

Regarding Privacy Protection Policy

This Protection Policy has been drawn up containing the basic policies that we will comply with, in order to appropriately administer and manage the personal information that we hold.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations:
The Company will always keep updated and comply with applicable laws and regulations, guidance and other directions as stipulated by the government regarding the treatment of personal information.

2. Thorough control of appropriate information management:
The Company has appointed personal information management staff and will take appropriate measures to prevent and correct any abuse, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.
The Company will conduct necessary education and training regarding the “treatment of personal information” for all employees to ensure its appropriate management.
The Company will also apply the same level of management to corporate information, by treating it the same as personal information.

3. Purpose of Collecting Information and its Scope:
The Company will only collect personal information when deemed necessary and clarify the purpose of collection when receiving it.

4. Use of Information within Collection Purpose:
The Company will not use, provide, nor entrust the treatment of information beyond the scope as agreed with the person himself/herself or his/her guardian, etc., nor beyond the scope as requested by laws and regulations.

5. Restriction of Use and its Management:
The Company will protect the personal information that we hold, and appropriately manage it so that we do not treat it beyond the scope as agreed with the customers, nor beyond the scope as requested by laws and regulations.
When an exchange of personal information is to be made with those outside the company, based on the scope as agreed with the individuals, we will administer it so that it is conducted under strict control.

For your privacy, our service is protected by SSL coding system. Your information is encrypted during transmission over the Internet and NEVER released to third parties of any kind.